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2 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Paul Evans

    Lance Mindheim speaks very highly of your products but there are almost no images of your products on your website as there were in the past. I am using Chrome browser and am trying to model Pueblo CO in the 1920’s and would like to figure out what color ballasts would be proper for AT&SF, C&S, D&RGW and MP. I discovered last summer that the soil is gray not red as I had assumed but myself and other customers would like to see images of your products. Thanks

    1. Phil Post author

      From what I found it is all gray stuff. In any of the picture for C&S, D&RGW, and MP do not have effof detail to see which. AT&SF like all railroads use many color based on state and quarries are available plus the price to transport it.
      Our gray color in Ho Scale are 1052, 1302, 1332, 1352, and 1382.


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