The ongoing project of changing the layout to what it was over forty years ago.
I have now started in on building the Campbell kits. Seebold and Sons Manufacturing was now built from scratch as I have the materials to do it. The picture above is how it originally looked. I never did like all corrugated metal look, so I made a tar paper roof. Roofs are what we see, So I added a water tank and ladders for extra detail. We never did know what they manufactured there except they required two box cars a day. One with parts and the other for finished products.
These are the rest of the models I built this last month with an operating coaling station. With the use of a lever, coal can be dispersed into a steam locomotive tender. The 50,000 gallon water tank is also a Campbell’s Scale Models kit. The Fuel dock and wood traveling crane were never on my original layout as they were not available over forty years ago. These are kits that were produced by Campbell inspired by the Quincy railroad in Northern CA.
I’ve been on vacation for the last month traveling to Quincy CA and Durango CO. In my mind I can do this and never leave the dining room table.This is where I build my structure kits for my model railroad. The kits I’m building this time are some of the ones I sold on ebay.I lost interest in the hobby a decade ago but then became bored in the evening. A decision was made to change the theme of the layout to what it was over forty years ago.It will revert to a short line with a narrow gauge flaver.The first area to be converted is the engine service facility with the Durango Sandhouse. I’ll put up a page on the web site to show the changes in the new layout.

Sand House Sand