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The diorama was built to show our #1350 Driveway and road gravel. We don’t say the product is very useful for “N” scale as it’s a gritty powder. In “HO”, the material will look more like the texture of sand.The structure was a laser cut wood kit. The main feature of this kit is that the warehouse has begun to lean and is supported with planks to keep it from falling over. The mundane appearance of the finished model needed to be spiced up with some details. The roof is probably over weathered with details like a swamp cooler, wood ladder, vents and a chimney. The office roof has Campbell shingles and posters applied to both structures.The ponderosa trees in the background have cedar trunks that I shape with a bench top belt sander. The middle third has several wholes drilled for a fine cord to support the tiny tuffs of my # 6 wool product. The top third of the tree has tiny tuffs of wool slide down with them made small near the top. The needle effect is flocking everything with short snips on my colored jute twin and fix with hair spray.