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Santa Fa Brass Engine with

With Full Train
1 Santa Fe Box Car The Grand Canyon Line ATSF 145385 Santa Fe all the way
1 Santa Fe (stage icing) Reefer The Grand Canyon Line Ship Santa Fe all the way SFRD 36058 With graffiti
1 Santa Fe Baggage Railway Express Agency 1890
1 Southern Pacific American Railway Express United States mail Railway Post Office 462
1 Santa Fe Barbershop Lounge “San Bartolo” No. 1363
1 Santa Fe Chair Pullman St. Croix
4 Santa Fe Chair 3352 Pullman Car HO Scale
All cars have brand new American Limited operating Diaphragms which are expensive and very time consuming to install properly.
Band new Kadee #5 couplers are installed on the Talgo style trucks
The RPO car has a custom made operating “mail hook” which may by the only model like this in the world.
The train set comes with a “mail crane” for mounting track side to catch the mail bag on the fly.
The brass engine was taken apart, cleaned and lubricated with the draw bar to motor wire replaced.
The bell is missing.