I finally got the book on how to “draw and Paint Cars” by Tony Gardener. The image of this car is 16 inches and twice the size of my other cat paintings. This is the size I’ll work with now. The book don’t tell you much as there are now step by step instructions.


This oil painting is just in time for our Monsoon weather fast approaching. The Fred Harvey Company and Santa Fe railroad joined forces to create a company called “Indian Detours”. It was started in the mid twenties and started to fizzle a couple decades latter. The cars and buses were called “Harvey Cars”.
When I started work and the Grand Canyon Fred Harvey Garage, The Harvey Car motor tours was again started. One of my jobs was the apply decals to the vans that were now being used. The bus department did likewise to their vehicles.

Drawing of 1948 Chrysler

The first family car I remember is our 1948 Chrysler New Yorker four door sedan with a straight eight engine. I got to know that car quite well as my mother and father took me on a Western trip that lasted about two months when I was four years old.
The Drawing
All of my car drawing have been of the cartoon style with lines and then color inside the lines like a coloring book. This time I I followed the art style of the commercial artist that made drawing for the sales brouchers and magazine ads of the time. Before I started out, I called a boyhood friend (Michael Johnson) who still lives in Detroit MI. Michael did this type of art work for twenty years and you could say he entered into the world of professional commercial artists. There are a few touch ups, But I’m getting close figuring the technique with practise.


Chrysler Air Flow 

According to my sister Joyce, the Air Flow was dad’s favorite car, at least up to that time.
I believe they were built from 1933 to 1937 and were a sales disaster because of the radical design the public was not ready for yet. The German car builders came to America to see what car design they could use notice how the
Volkswagen looks a lot like the Air Flow.
My drawing was inspired by the original art work of the day including the background of the thick woods. I still don’t have the right drawing tools to control the fine lines and had to use too much free hand to get it done.

1948 Chrysler Woody Convertible

I was only five years old when dad brought this car in as a demo for at least the summer. Sister Joyce tells me that she drove my mother out to the East Coast in this car as father was to busy with work that summer. She was only about eighteen years old at the time and with her long blond hair, got a lot of attention where ever they went.
I do remember a movie dad took of the car with my sister Gloria driving it around the garage parking lot. She looked like some kind of movie star with her big Hollywood smile and hair gently blowing in the breeze as she looked at the camera.
I found the picture on the internet and painted it in the colors I remember the car being.

1952 Plymouth Business Coupe

Sister Joyce started teaching school in the early 50’s in different areas in the Eastern UP so dad set her up in a Plymouth used car that came from my uncle Jake Anderson. On the way home during the winter time, she flipped it on U.S. 41 near the Snake River stretch. She insisted to my parents that there was something wrong with the car and was afraid of driving it anymore. Dad ordered in a 1952 Plymouth Business Coupe with the only option of a heater. Sister loved that car and drove it a number of years and then sold it to Marty Honkala.
I decided to fill in the background with Geno’s Restaurant as Joyce often took me there for pizza. She always added Anchovies for one of the toppings and eventually I ended up liking them on pizza.

1948 Dodge

Commercial Art in the late forties
Jane and I were at York Motors getting to work done on our PT Cruiser when I noticed a hand out booklet on the parts counter. It had to do with the history of Dodge cars. There were several pages of commercial art starting in the forties that caught my attention. From my past comments, I told you the car pictures were the work of artist and not photographs. This particular ad shows how this particular artist can even draw people surrounding the car with curiosity and excitement.


Prescott Granite Dells in Sand
Sand painting about 2 X 4 feet By Phil Anderson
The primary sand products used for the rock formation is our #1250 Pink Granite Powder.

Phil Anderson