Drawing of a 1929 Packard for a future western painting

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Color Copy on Photo-paper of origial oil Painting by Phil Anderson

Back in the twenties, the Fred Harvey Company and the Santa Fe transportation company came together and started a motor car tour company called “Indian Detours”. This served a two fold purpose. It was given different promotional names, for one “Off the Beaten Path”. Reason one being extra money could be made for selling these tours to the rail passengers and also extra passenger activity for folks wanting adventure. The other reason being was to get people off the train and spend nights in the various Fred Harvey hotels in New Mexico and Arizona. Prior to this time, Folks would get off the train to eat and sleep as there weren’t any Pullman cars or dining cars. The Indian Detours provided a way to sell more rooms and meals again in the Harvey Houses.

The transportation company used large Cadillacs and the Packards shown here. The Packards proved more reliable so they dropped using Cadillacs. When I worked as the lead mechanic for the Hotel company, a CEO had found a 1929 Cadillac (an old Harvey Car) setting on the front porch of a guys home in Santa Fe New Mexico. He bought it and put it in a storage locker in Albuquerque and none of us people knew about it at the Grand Canyon. It was later brought to the Grand Canyon Public Garage to be stored the last couple years I worked there. That car looks very similar to my Packard drawing.

About the drawing
The image I worked with was a photo of an HO Scale Packard sold under the name of “National Motors”. The image was enlarged to the size I wanted and printed out. Then I cut out the image and traced it on my drawing paper. I don’t have any drawing tools, so most of the lines was drawn free hand. Oil artist paint was used to color the drawing. Those were used in the Southwest in New Mexico and Arizona for The Motor Car Tours called “Indian Detours”. The Cars had a well Trained Driver and a female Tour Guide called a Courier”. The Tourist called “Dudes” would arrive by Train on The Santa Fe line and get off at a Harvey House Hotel were a tour would Start from. Tours could be a day long event or several days. Multiple day tours would spend a night at a Harvey House and then leave for anther day of adventure visiting Indian Villages and other Scenic Sights.