We will be in Raton New Mexico
in a few days with my camera this time and get pictures of that Santa Fe
Station and Harvey Lunch Room for the next modeling project.
 The Harvey House restaurant and Santa Fe depot
were built just for this curve on the mainline. They were both scratch built
several years ago waiting for this location to be created.

In the old days, there was a Harvey hotel or lunch room
every hundred miles along the Santa Fe. They were all at track side like
this and even freight train crews ate there for half price from the menu.
This adds to the train schedule by giving even that way freight extra places
to stop and tie up operations.

#1250 Pink Granite powder was applied to the Harvey
House representing a stucco finish. Plaster over Styrofoam walls make up
the depot.

Several of our foliage products and light Earth were
used for the ground cover.

We have that large variety of products necessary to
make realistic scenery such as this.