What is a Harveycar?
When I started working at the Public Garage at the Grand
Canyon in the mid 70’s, all of our tour bus fleet was being repainted and
lettered as the bus at left. Dan Cole was the director of transportation
an he gave me this plaster bus to paint for him. Twenty years later, I got
around to it and here it is. Allen Naile was the president of the company
and he brought back the “Harvey cars” that were abandoned forty
years before that. They also wanted to use the name “Indian Detours”
but someone in Albuquerque bought the rights to that name and it couldn’t
be used by us. If you know the history about the Fred Harvey Company and
the Santa Fe transportation company, you know what I’m talking about.

 How many people today would take an Indian Lands tour if they could
do it in a vintage 1929 Packard automobile?