Call it defacing railroad property or graffiti art,
it’s out there.
    If your so inclined to get your railroad
up to date, see Blair Line for their line of Graffiti Decals in HO and N

An argument could be made that the railroads don’t pick
up the trash seen along their right-a-way either such as the empty barrel,
paper trash and up side down cardboard box in this scene.

We took Amtrak past Albuquerque this summer and saw
a lot of this graffiti art on the track side walls of warehouses.

Water Treatment Plant  
The scene above is just one frame to the right of this
recently built scene.

I dusted off my pin hole camera and shot of a few frames
of this area. The colors were so far off that this is the last time I do
this. See pinhole shot below.

We can’t get professional film in our area anymore,
so I used Photo Works film for this shot. I don’t see any improvement in
depth of field so the cheap digital will will have to suffice.
   A little graffiti art on the Reefer car give back
ground to one of my homemade board fences. This whole area is now behind
plexiglass to keep the scenery fresh looking for years to come.