Over the years articles were torn out of magazines for 
future modeling projects and sorted by topic and placed in a folder. This
engine terminal was planed from those tidbits of information. My conclusion
was four tracks were required to make it all work implementing selective
compression at its best.

 Dexter Street engine service yard is being tidied up and prepared
for more detail after several years of neglect. All the structures are from
Campbell Scale Models that were acquired when I did their web site. The
structure on stilt legs at left is scratch built and not finished yet. It’s
a skip loader for scooping the ash pit into the gondola car.

 The 14″ Bowser turn table fit perfectly into the opening left
from the Heljan unit. My advise is to stay away from any plastic units as
their performance if iffy at the best. The unfinished roundhouse at right
will have to go as it’s not deep enough for some of the steam engines

Wood Boxcar Freight House

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