Route 66 stuff

 A Route 66 icon soon to be dosed over
There was an April 09 article in the Flagstaff paper that the Navajo
Nation purchased this property for their first Arizona casino. Ground work
would begin in the fall, so this place will be gone forever. Not that it’s
any great loss except it’s an other icon to be erased from the side of the
Mother Road. I was planning a truck stop project, so I guess this is the
one. More correctly, this was not a real truck stop, but rather where truckers
would sometimes stop for a break and possibly eat.
 This is one of the larger versions of a “Valentine Dinner”
found along Route 66. Several years ago, I took a family trip along the
Interstate 40 so my wife and children could see the remaining businesses
like this before their gone.

 Any store even near the Indian reservations are called “Trading
Post”. Look at the asphalt pavement to see how the hot, dry desert
sun shrivels it up into cobble stone size chunks.


 The “Twin Arrows” sign are those arrows made from telephone
poles planted in the ground at an angle. The way the wind blows in the High
Desert, is reason for the rapid deterioration of the sign parts as seen
in the distance.


   I stopped by here many years ago when the arrows were in better
shape than the picture above. I photo shopped the colors on this image to
spruce it up.