Under ten dollar models
Everyone is experiencing a down turn in the
economy and rather than buy expensive kits, I have turned to scratch building.
Some of the models featured here have already been built, so I’ll take some
time to improve the scenery around them.

 Mixing old with the new
The abandoned grade crossing shanty is still standing even though
a crossing flasher protects the crossing at grade. The structure is seldom
noticed by guest that visit my layout because it’s small. The cammera alows
everyone to take a closer look. The crossing flasher works automatically
with my Twin T detectors and relay when trains enter that block. The bell
sounds with an MRC sound unit. Back to the shanty, it was built for about
a buck and did take some time to construct.


 The Gate mans crossing tower cost about ten bucks to build considering
the windows involved. The wood parts were from the scrap box left over from
other larger projects. The tower is considered abandoned because of the
operating grade crossing flasher. I find these structures interesting so
their built to add charm to the layout.